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“Happy Winter” Concludes RAKDED Initiatives in the Year of Tolerance

Thursday 9 January 2020

The Department of Economic Development of Ras Al Khaimah has concluded the Year of Tolerance, which was the year of promoting the tolerance values within the UAE conceptual framework, for the UAE to be the tolerance model. Throughout the year, 45 initiatives were implemented by RAKDED targeting employees, customers and community- of which the “Happy Winter” initiative was the last. “The Year of Tolerance was a golden opportunity to promote the values and principles of tolerance among the employees of RAKDED first and then in the local community in its various segments.” said Aaesha Obaid Alayyan, Manager of the Institutional Communication Office and Leader of Tolerance Ambassadors Team. “In the year of tolerance, RAKDED focused on enhancing the value of coexistence between religions by visiting many landmarks of different religions and cultures in the UAE, such as visiting the Coptic Egyptian Church, Hindu Temple, and the Japanese school in Dubai. It also focused on promoting the concept of tolerance among children and students in various schools in the UAE by organizing the ‘Talented Painter’ initiative in addition to lectures supporting tolerance.” Alayyan added. Alayyan stressed that RAKDED, in fruitful cooperation with charitable bodies in Ras AL Khaimah, has also implemented a number of initiatives to support families with low incomes, such as “The Joy of the Year of Tolerance” ,”Happy Eid”, and “Happy Winter”. She also stated that RAKDED concentrated on the initiatives of the holy month of Ramadan in order to enhance the values of charity pursued by the UAE. The purpose of these initiatives, named "Wellness Breakfast” initiatives, is to support and promote AL-Ghad licenses by distributing breakfasts. In turn, the "Wellness Breakfast” initiatives varied between "We Reached You" which targeted families in their homes, "The Watchful Eyes " which was dedicated to Police stations and hospitals, and "The Wellness Stations" which targeted workers of gas stations. It is worth noting that the initiatives of RAKDED covered more than 15 different groups of the society during the year 2019, in cooperation with 30 volunteers from RAKDED and outside, which contributed to the success of the tolerance initiatives.


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