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RAKDED Foresees Artificial Intelligence Future

Tuesday 23 October 2018

Innovation Team of RAKDED organized a workshop of “Artificial Intelligence and the Fourth Industrial Revolution” at Oasis of Change of DED Headquarters. Dr. Amer Al-Rawas, Co-Founder of Al-Namathij Consulting Company, former CEO of Tasneea Oil & Gas Technology Group and Omantel, and one of the Arab pioneers in artificial intelligence and computer science field. Dr. Al-Rawas talked about the future solutions for governments, institutions and individuals in the artificial intelligence field, and explained the effects of adopting these solutions, and the upward trajectory of knowledge and innovation future. He emphasized the importance of defining a clear road map to those who want to be pioneers in the epoch ahead. The workshop addressed the fields of using artificial intelligence, the fourth industrial revolution, the positive effects of artificial intelligence on economy, and the social, educational, health and investment life of individuals and institutions. Dr. Al-Rawas said that using artificial intelligence will reduce the burden of physical stress and work hazards, will lead to accelerate life pace, and will provide additional well-being for people, accuracy of the achieved work and a positive rise in development and competitiveness. However; it might lead to psychological problems and social schism, where people prefer the artificial intelligence and cut human ties with each other. He stressed that the whole matter depends on how human beings will deal with artificial intelligence, and on information, concepts and patterns they input. Amal Ismail, Innovation Team Leader, thanked Dr. Al-Rawas for accepting to be hosted in this workshop which was against the attendants expectations, who thought the artificial intelligence is specialized field, while they were surprised to find it in their daily life, and affects their simplest social and intellectual attitudes. “The Fourth Industrial Revolution has entered our homes, and it became a must in our life. UAE was one of the first countries to prepare for this revolution in terms of establishing appropriate infrastructure, and making a change in education, health, investment, economy and knowledge. We, in RAKDED, care about the means that help us carrying out our forward-looking role for economic situations. This workshop is one of these means.” Ismail said.


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